eCommerce Website Design in Singapore

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Here are some FAQs that everyone has about eCommerce web design.

What to consider in an effective eCommerce web design?

An eCommerce website is to create an online shopping experience for consumers.

The main purpose of eCommerce website is for customers to find their desired product. It is for customers to add products into cart and securely pay.

The eCommerce website design industry has grown a lot. Everything is slowly moving from offline to online.

1. Utilize simple website design in your development

Simple designs can be much more visually appealing when it comes to eCommerce website development. Complex web designs are not up with current marketplace trends and tend to confuse users on what they want.

If you want to fully optimize your eCommerce website design & development for higher conversion rates, consider simplifying it. Making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for.

2. Have quality content

If you are a business in retail for example, it is vital to produce high-resolution photos on your eCommerce website. One of the drawbacks customers face during their online shopping experience is not being able to actually see the product with their own eyes. Therefore, maintaining high quality content, including photographs is a must for an effective eCommerce web design.

Blurriness or pixelation of product images can cause potential customers to turn away. This can create a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate. An example would be to create photo galleries for each of your products so that users can click through them, viewing the product from different angles.

eCommerce website development can be tedious. However, with the help of eCommerce web design & development consultants, it can be dealt with in a professional manner with plenty of experience.

3. Include a navigation menu

Including a navigation menu can be a great form to organize your eCommerce website categorically. This will make it easy for users to navigate through your website and find what they are looking for. During your eCommerce website development, it is preferable to note that navigation menus should be across all web pages for maximum convenience. It should also be at the top of the page where it is easy for the user to find, in a clear and concise manner.

Use a drop-down menu if you have many pages within your website with different products or services. This is so the navigation menu does not become too cluttered and maintains the look of the eCommerce web design.

4. Include a search bar in your eCommerce design

Many return customers may already have a product or service in mind. Therefore, to make things easier for the customer, have a search bar at the top corner. Having a search bar will allow them to go straight to what they are looking for without having to scroll through pages of information.

This can save a lot of time on the customers end. If a return customer or potential consumer cannot find what they are looking for within the first few minutes, they are likely to click-off and go elsewhere to purchase it.

5. Mobile optimization

Responsive web design is the “In” thing now. As people are more likely to make searches on their smartphones now, it is important to use this as a beneficial factor during the eCommerce website development process. Make sure your eCommerce website is developed to fit all types of screens and devices.